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AMANCHE review - Livelifelovecake
"This is the first time I have come across a range of individual marzipan chocolates in the UK and in my eyes, Amanche are meeting the demand for this increasingly popular flavour. I was lucky enough to receive a medium sized Bonbon (box) containing all 12 flavours of Amanche’s latest range. The circular box is neatly presented and secured with an elegant yellow ribbon. The box is very sturdy which portrays its quality, much nicer than some flimsy plastic gift boxes I’ve come across in the past! I love the fact that every chocolate in this box looks completely different and it was nice to have such an intriguing variety of flavours. I decided to pick out three of my favourites to review in more detail."

The Chocolate Festival
"Every chocoholic deserves a visit to The Chocolate Festival. Join us and savour the creations of the world’s finest chocolatiers – both from Britain and beyond. This year, we’re joined by award-winning names Marc Demarquette, Paul A. Young, Barry Johnson, Damian Allsop & Paul Wayne Gregory. We are proud to showcase some of the best chocolatiers and artisan producers in the country."

Hungarian review of our most recent appearance at the Southbank Chocolate Festival.

Helen Newman's beutiful chocolate blog. She is on the search for the best desserts, chocolates, cakes and ice cream throughout the world. On her blog she shares her treasures with her readers so they can enjoy them as much as she does.

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