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AMANCHE aquarelle


Although marzipan is highly appreciated overseas and considered as a premium dessert, surprisingly, the application of marzipan in the UK is limited mostly to cake decorating, icing and fruit shapes.

AMANCHE introduces the luxurious side of marzipan to British customers. Premium quality almond marzipan, fine Belgian chocolate and distinctive flavours create a unique offering.

Our philosophy is simple - to provide our consumers with an elegant, distinctive Marzipan experience.

Speciality & Fine Food Fair 2012 at London Olympia was AMANCHE's launch platform where we presented our opening range consisting of 14 different chocolates - 12 select truffles and bonbons and 2 types of nibbles across a wide range of flavours. Besides our more traditional flavours, we offer the rich taste of coffee, caramelised orange as well as niche flavours such as habenero chilli, cracked black pepper & strawberry and Hungarian dessert wine from Tokaj.

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